Saturday, November 7, 2009

Transfers & accidents....

This has been one crazy and busy week. We had transfers. It was the first one with the new finance system involved for Tim. Five new proselyting areas were created and we got 15 new missionaries which always creates a lot of work for me. One of our zone leaders decided to change the name of the areas in his zone and switch the phones around. They are both tied to our computer system and he didn't bother to tell us so it created all kinds of havoc. The phones drive the areas that I send referrals to. I hope it is finally straightened out but it took a lot of work.
The evening the new missionaries arrived we helped Sister Hale serve the dinner and clean up. Afterwards Tim had to get the mission van out of their garage for another senior couple to use the next day. The President's car was parked behind the van so Sister Hale said she would back it out while tim moved the President's car out of the way. He turned too sharp as he started backing up and crunched the right front passenger bumper. I just grabbed my head when I heard and saw it happening. We may be sent home before May 1.
We also got our first transfer this week. We have been attending the Fort Lauderdale Ward which is a very diversified and noisy ward. We are now going to be working with the Young Single Adult branch here in Plantation. It will really be different. We attend our first meeting tomorrow. We are really sad because he are still working with the Goodmans to get them baptized. We have been friends with them for about 5 months now. They are coming for dinner tomorrow.
We love our family so much. They have really been a great support to us. We have such amazing friends also. Know that you are loved also.

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