Sunday, November 22, 2009

More beautiful baptisms......

Today has been a great day. We attended the singles ward for the 2nd time. When it was time to start the meeting, the counselor came and asked if any of us could play the piano because their pianist hadn't shown up. I volunteered. We had a combined RS and priesthood session so I again played for that. We usually get about 40 people there. There is an investigator who is really close. She actually had this Saturday set up to be baptized but is going to San Antonio to see her family for Thanksgiving and had forgotten that she wouldn't be home by Saturday. Hopefully the following week will work for her. We are trying to have a "White Christmas" and reach 100 baptisms in our mission in December. That is really a stretch as the highest we have ever had before is 61. Please keep us in your prayers that we can reach that goal.
Today we went back to the Fort Lauderdale Ward to see Sheryl Zayas get baptized by her husband, Socrates. He was just baptized 7 weeks ago. He is Cuban. They have 2 darling little girls. It was so exciting to see the completion of both parents getting baptized. They are looking forward to going to the temple next year. Sheryl will become a family practice doctor in a couple of months. They were fellowshipped by a couple in our ward who lives in their apartment complex. They will be a huge blessing to the Fort Lauderdale Ward.
We also had the father of another family who was baptized about 6 weeks ago get baptized last week. That completes their family of a mom, dad, a teenage daughter and son and an 11-year old daughter. The mom and teenagers have already been to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and are coming along super fantastic.

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