Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another great week full of fun......

We threw a Halloween party for the 5 senior couples last night. We had soup, breaksticks, veggie tray, salad and sugar cookies and sherbert. It was yummy! We played games and Tim did the "Name the TV show music" game with them. We had a good time.

Elder & Sister Black

This is us! This is Elder & Sister Welch. They are from Provo and have been here 1 month.
We didn't get a picture of Elder & Sister Dalling.

We had a wonderful week this week. We worked really hard and did a little overtime at the beginning of the week so we could enjoy being with Brian, Mary, Clayton, Mitchell, Sam & Abby the 2 days they were here to see us. We kept them moving!
We went to a place called Shark Valley to see the alligators. Unfortunately, some of us saw 3 and others who went ahead of the group only saw 1!! It has just finished the rainy season so there is plenty of water for the alligotors to lay around in. It is also very hot so they like to stay in the water, back in the shade rather than be out where we can see them. The best time to come is about March or April when it is cool and it has been dry. Then the alligators have to all go to the few spots where there is water left to survive.
We showed them some of our funny trees. They may be banyon trees with the trunk looking like it has a ton of roots all twisted around each other. We took a picture standing inside of the tree. We also spent a few hours at the beach. The sunburn was worth it all! We then hit the swimming pool. Grandpa took everyone to a Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant and the boys love it. Abby preferred to stick with the watermelon.
It was fun to be with them and see how much they have grown. Hopefully it will be lots of memories for them.

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