Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nightmare hospital experience.....

Friday night found me in the ER at the local hospital. I had been having a headache, dizziness, the shakes, pain in my abdomen as well as in my shoulder area. It was similar to what happened to me about 4 years ago. On Friday at the Sister's conference I noticed that my jaw on my left side was aching like I had a toothache. I mentioned it to Sister Dalling and she said her friend had just e-mailed her the day before about a friend who had a heart attack and her only symptom was the pain in her jaw. That scared me enough that I went to the Dr and of course you know what they do.......examine you and have you go to the hospital for more tests. I was surprised that the Dr told me the jaw was one of the symptoms.
I spent 5 hours in emergency before they took me to the room. 2 of those hours were AFTER they said they were admitting me. It was NOT a comfortable bed. I arrived in my room about 11:00 at night. There was a man in the room next to me that was yelling all night so they shut my door to keep the noise down. The lady in the bed next to me said she wouldn't be able to sleep so she kept her TV on as well as her light until about 3:30 am. We had different nurses so it was a constant "in and out" between the 2 of us getting blood drawn and blood pressure taken all night. I was nearest the door. Everytime one of the nurses came in they would make noises opening the door and getting their cart over to each of us. Once the other nurse ran into my bed and another time let go of her cart and it ran into the door and banged. (Heavens sakes. Don't they know people are trying to sleep that time of night?) The lady didn't want to take the kind of medications they were trying to give her and so there were some lengthy conversations trying to convince her that she needed them. I wanted to yell "Take the pills and let me sleep." Then about 4:00 the lady by me started to snore so I knew she had gone to sleep.
By morning I was exhausted. The nurse brought in my roommate's breakfast tray about 7:30 am. By 8:30 they still hadn't brought mine so I asked for it. I was told the cardiologist said I was not to eat until he had done a test on me. He finally showed up about 12:30 (noonish) and said everything was fine and I could go home. He said it was most likely acid reflux and indigestion (same as 4 years ago). I said I wasn't going until they brought me something to eat. He asked why I hadn't eaten and I told him. He said, "I didn't say you couldn't eat." The nurse then got a piece of his mind for not feeding me. It took 3 more hours before they got the hosptial Dr up to release me and get my paperwork to me!!!!! How ridiculus. Bless Tim's little pea-pickin heart. He did all of the laundry, grocery shopping, menu planning and some house cleaning while he was waiting for me to call him and say they were releasing me. He's a trooper.

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