Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tim, the repairman.........

As we were coming home from the office on Thursday, Tina called and said her VCR and DVD didn’t work since her daughter painted her room and put linoleum down. We said we would go see what was wrong on our way to exercise. She had a very tiny cluttered hot bedroom on the second floor. I’m surprised she hasn’t fallen down the steep stairs. She had 3 dogs and a cat in her room with her, some of them on the bed. There was also the dog’s dish with food in it up on her bed near where she was laying. Her daughter’s dog barked the whole time we were there. Tim had to slide the dresser out from the wall. It had a bookcase unit on top of it with the TV and tons of pictures of cats and dogs. I was afraid he was going to knock something off and break it. He couldn’t see behind the dresser because it was so dark so he had Tina hand him the table lamp. As she did, it fell apart and wouldn’t work! Fortunately she had a spare light bulb in her drawer and we put the lamp back together and used it to see behind the dresser. He was able to hook up the CD but the DVD has a double image. He was sweating like a hog by the time he finished.

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