Sunday, September 6, 2009

Breaking into a car...............

We found out this week that one of our missionaries from Puerto Rico had all of his clothes taken from his dryer at the MTC 2 months ago and has only had 2 shirts and 1 pair of pants to wear. We along with the Dallings purchased him 3 shirts and 2 pair of pants from Penneys. Dad and I sneaked to their apartment near Miami Friday morning and put them in the trunk of their car with a note on the car seat saying to look in the trunk. We got the key from Elder Dalling who is over vehicles. The missionary was very excited and thought some of the other Elders had done it. When he found out they didn't, he called Sister Kynaston (who is the one that informed us when she did his apartment inspection) and asked if it was her. She said no, "It is someone who loves you. You're job is to stop worrying about who did it and be thankful." It was a fun thing to do.
We celebrated our hump day yesterday and are now on the downside of our 16-month mission. We also celebrated our 40th anniversary! We celebrated by doing what we do best together, clean house, grocery shop and laundry........and as a bonus we went out to Applebee's for dinner. Tim is just as wonderful as he was the day I married him, if not more so. He has been a very gentle, kind and loving husband. I'm not quite sure how I caught him but it was a GREAT CATCH! Someone up above must have been helping me.

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