Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Sisters are on fire.........

Sister Keller (a Spanish Sister) told me about having a baptism for she hoped 9 on Wednesday evening. Then the family of 4 said they wanted to just watch and would get baptized another time. She was disappointed so planned on the 5. The mom has been dragging her feet but the husband and the 8 year old were anxious. Just as the meeting was starting the family came in and the little boy went up to Sister Keller and said, “I’m getting baptized tonight!” Sister Keller said “No, not tonight.” He said, “Yes I am.” She went to the mom and said that he said he was getting baptized. She said “Well, that is what he wants and he is insisting on it.” Sister Keller asked if that was okay and the mom said yes so Sister Keller took off to find the Elder to give him an interview. A few minutes later the Bishop found Sister Keller and said that Brother so-and-so was getting baptized. Sister Keller said, “No it is the son who is getting baptized.” The Bishop said, “No, the father is also.” The little boy had come out of his interview and said, “Dad, I don’t want to get baptized alone. Will you get baptized too?” So she had to find the Elder to do another interview and they were both baptized, making a total of 7. She has about 4 more scheduled for next week. She is on fire!

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