Saturday, July 18, 2009

The itch...............

This morning we went to the church to help with a “free” car wash rather than knocking on doors for the Outreach program of the ward. We had young people standing on the busy street with signs. As the people were waiting to get their car washed, we took them inside the building for refreshments and a tour of it. I think we got a few referrals from it. They washed about 10-15 cars including an ambulance with 4 men from it. They thought they would be silly and didn’t think we would do it but we fooled them.
We thought Tina was itching to join the church but this morning she called to say that the doctor called yesterday to tell her that she has Impetigo. It makes her itch terribly It is contagious but Brian assured me that you can’t get anything from her by just sitting on the same seat she sat on. He said it is an infection like a staff infection and by scratching an open wound you infect that area and then the next area you scratch. I was worried about her having sat on our sofa but he said that even Sister Keller couldn’t catch anything by holding Tina’s hand. It is cured with an antibiotic and takes about a week.
Tina also told me that she loves us terribly but that she couldn’t be a Mormon because she needed to respect her mother who was murdered at about 27 years of age and her grandparents who raised her. They were Roman Catholic and she doesn’t want to offend them. She said that she has read a good portion of the Book of Mormon and likes it though.

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