Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A close call............

We are being watched over. Tonight we had to go buy 45 huge potatoes to bake for zone conference tomorrow. The closest parking spot to our apartment is a handicapped area so we parked there and carried our potatoes in. Tim forgot to go move the car and as he was saying his prayers the thought came to him that he forgot to move it. He came out and said “You don’t have to do it right now but will you go out and move the car before you come to bed.” I told him I would go right then because I was waiting for the computer to boot up. When I got about a car length away from the car, I noticed a policewoman getting out of her vehicle and heading towards our car looking at the license plate with her flashlight so I hit my remote and unlocked it. She looked up and said “Is this your car? You can’t park here. I have been going around here more often because I noticed people are parking in handicapped spots and along curbs where there is no “real parking place”. I told her that we had just carried a lot of potatoes in and would be moving it. She said, “I was just ready to give you a citation.” Then she looked at the license plate and asked how long we were in town for and I got to tell her who we were and thanked her for not giving me a ticket. Someone was watching out for us!

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