Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Discussion with Tina........

Tina called last night and wanted to talk to Tim. She said she had some questions about the Book of Mormon and our beliefs and wanted to talk to him some time. He asked if she wanted the missionaries to come and teach her and she agreed again so we set up a time tonight.
She arrived 15 minutes early and was leaving when we got home from the office because she thought we had forgotten. The missionaries showed up 50 minutes late so Tim and I visited with her about the Joseph Smith story, prophets, the pre-existence and the resurrection, temples, etc. She keeps asking us why we are so happy and why her life is so awful.
The missionaries challenged her to be baptized when she gets her own testimony and she said she would. She wasn't feeling well and so needed to leave but said, "I want to meet with you again sometime because I have some questions. This book is very nice (B of M). We will meet with them again on Friday.

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