Sunday, July 26, 2009

Curry goat for dinner....yum....yum!

We were almost to church today when the Elders called to see if we could go pick Christine up. She was just baptized about a month ago. She was the one baptized in about 2 feet of water and is about 34 years old. Her husband died a year ago. She lived 15 minutes the other direction so we were about 20 minutes late to church and missed the sacrament but it was worth it to get her there.
Relief Society lesson was on the temple and family history and how we had the obligation to take care of our ancestors. It was a beautiful lesson for Christine so I am glad that she could come. Hopefully she will have the desire to have her husband baptized and then sealed to him. I’m not sure how he died. We are having a Relief Society dinner in August with sisters bringing dishes from their country of birth. We have a lot of out of state members. Christine is from Jamaica. She put down that she would bring curry goat!!!

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the happyhowards said...

That does NOT sound good to me. Let us know how you lied it! (Smile)