Sunday, June 21, 2009

Working with the Elders.....

We are working with the Elders in our area to teach a couple, the Goodmans, who are about our age. They are very wonderful people. Two of our dinner appointments with them fell through this week because their daughter (about 45 years old) was put in the hospital. We buy and prepare part of the dinner and then find out that they won't be able to come. We are going to try again this week. They have attended church the last couple of weeks and have really enjoyed it. I am going to resign myself to getting Kentucky Fried chicken at the last minute if they can come this week. I don't want to have a 4 lb. roast cooked and only 2 people to eat it.
It is Father's Day today. You know how the women always get plants for Mother's Day. Today the bishopric gave "hi 5's" to the men in our ward as they left the chapel!! I told Tim his present from me was that he could take a Sunday nap and wouldn't have to help me fix dinner.
It is still raining almost every day although not as much as the previous few weeks. The sun is shining brightly outside and I noticed just now a streak of lightening and heard thunder so I think we are in for another one this afternoon.
Keep those letters coming!!!!!!!!!!!

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