Sunday, June 28, 2009

We witnessed 2 murders.........

We witnessed 2 murders this week, one right after the other. We were sitting near our dining room window eating lunch when we saw a large white bird, about 18-24 inches tall with a very very long neck, swoop down to the ground and snatch up 2 little ducks and carry them across the pond where one fell out of the beak. The duckling started running around following the white bird while it worked on getting the other duckling in a position where it finally swallowed it. I kept hoping the one on the ground would make a "run for it" but it didn't before the bird also snatched it up. It kept putting the duckling into the water as if it was washing it off before enjoying it for dinner.
I had noticed a mother duck with about 10 ducklings that morning walking past our apartment and later that day I saw one with only 5 ducklings so something must have happened to the other 5. It must be one of those "food chain" things. Sad though.

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