Friday, June 19, 2009

Updates on old posts..........

Well, the lady at the hospital was still alive when the Elders gave her a blessing. After the blessing, the family gave them 2 referrals.

Nothing has been resolved on the lady that was supposedly baptized twice. Salt Lake said we have 2 choices; have the current Bishop contact the old Bishop to see if he remembers what happened or send a letter to the First Presidency explaining the situation and let them decide what to do. I doubt the Bishop will have luck contacting a Bishop from Guatemala from 12 years ago so I have asked President Hale what to do. He hasn't given me an answer yet. It may be the first letter I write to a Prophet.

We are both feeling quite comfortable in our assignments now. However, the President keeps giving Tim more "special projects" and says he learned very early on not to tell Tim what he wanted but rather have Tim decide how to do something he wanted to be done. He says he always gets a much better version when he doesn't put ideas into Tim's head first. He loves Tim.

We are missing our family a lot. I think I am finally starting to go through "withdrawl" from them and seeing how much the kids are growing already.

Aunt Corlyss, Aunt Norma and Uncle Theron and Brian and his family have all said they were going to try and visit us. We are hoping that happens. We love you all!!!!!

We found this huge bug on our entry way when we left for the office yesterday. We don't know what kind it is but it was the length of 4 nickels.


dmarks said...

That bug would have me reaching for the nearest hard shoe. Hopefully, not my own.

Anonymous said...

hey, it's me, Craig
looks like you've got a cockroach. When they get big, they can fly. One fun thing to do is to put a drop of liquid dish soap on them.