Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weird baptism record...........

Yesterday I received word from Salt Lake that I had submitted the baptism of a 65 year old lady who was already baptized in Guatemala in 1996. She says she has never been baptized before except for in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Both records have the same birthdate, same husband, same parents, 2 of the same children. Everything points to it being the same person except her daughter who lives with her and is about 40 years old says she was never baptized either. The daughter was baptized and we have found her record in the same place that we show her mother getting baptized within 1 year. The poor Elders are trying to sort things out. I think she thinks she has to be baptized in EVERY church house, not realizing that it is the same church but different chapels.

Today I had my 3rd opportunity to find Elders to go to a hospital to give blessings to people who are "not doing well". After pondering the one today, I am not so sure that the lady was still alive. The nurse asked me if there was someone who would be picking her up soon. She was given a list of numbers to call and we were one of them. She was shocked when I said we were a church. I asked if it was urgent and she said, "She's not doing well." but then nurses can't tell someone over the phone that her patient just died. I wonder if it was someone who is not active and wanted a "last rite" blessing. Tim said Catholics give last rites after a person has died. I am anxious to find out what the missionaries walked into. It has been a weird couple of days.

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Amber and Everett said...

Good luck figuring things out. It sounds like there is always something new and exciting happening!