Thursday, April 16, 2009

Unwanted house guest.......

We came home for lunch today and found out that we had an unwanted house guest – a gecko. It was near our sliding glass door where our large fake plant is. I saw it crawl into the plant so I quickly moved it out onto the screened-in patio and thought I would deal with it when we got home. Then tonight I realized that we always have geckos on the patio and I would probably have 20 in the plant by now. So we had to take the plant out on the grass and take it all apart, tear the moss apart and look for it because I saw it crawl into the pot again on the patio. It was about 20 minutes after I saw it go into it that we looked for it but did not find it. Just as we started to take the plant apart, yep, you guessed it. The sprinklers turned on and we had to drag everything to another spot as it was getting wet. Hopefully it is REALLY gone because we brought the plant back into the house. As I came in the front door, there was one right up against the door waiting to run inside but I was smarter than it this time

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