Thursday, April 9, 2009

By small things.........

Last week I was caught up with my work so decided to go back to June 2008 and see if there were any requests for B of M, Bibles, and DVDs from TV ads that hadn't been sent out. I found about 100 that needed to go out from before we got here. It took me all day to get them in the mail.
Today a woman called and asked why she got the B of M when she didn't request it. She had never even heard of the Mormons but wanted to know who Nephi and Moroni were so she must have read at least the first page. Her husband is in Iraq and she said a couple of months ago she was feeling like she needed to get some religion so this past Sunday she went to a church at the mall (Like.....everyone finds their church at the mall!) She said she was so disgusted with the preacher. He was wearing levis and a T-shirt and preaching the Bible using street talk. She said she left saying to herself, "If this is what religion is about these days, I don't think I want a part of it" and then the next day this B of M comes in the mail from nowhere. Sister Dalling gave her the 1st discussion over the phone and she said she would let the missionaries call her but didn't want them to come over until she had thought about it. The Lord works in small ways to bring about great things. Who knows what will come of the B of M she received.

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