Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fun and games along with the work......

This was a very stressful week with transfers. Tim and I are responsible for getting the information switched around for all of the missionaries being moved to another area and companion. The meeting ends about noon on Wednesday and everyone wants the new list within an hour. Tim has to enter everything into the computer like the new companion and new apartment. That then creates a new address for me to use with the mail. I also do a telephone card showing each zone, companionships tied to their proselyting area, and telephone numbers. I have to call each companionship (about 61) to make sure they still have the right phone number.

We hold the mail for 3 days prior to transfers and then send it out as soon as Tim gets the info into the computer with the right new address. Because it was Easter this week, there was scads and scads of packages. They took up about 1/4 of our office space. I believe there were about 125 pieces of mail in all. It filled our entire trunk and all of the back seat of our car to get them to the post office.

We had a fun Easter get-to-gether with the other senior couples. Lots of visiting and eating.
The looks on the faces of the husbands in these pictures are unique - don't you love Tim's excitement?
This is our office building (Tim's office is on the bottom floor, the first window on the left.

It looks like fall over here. The leaves are dropping their leaves like they think it is October.

These funny looking trees are all over Florida.
These are pictures of our ward building - Fort Lauderdale Ward.
Parking lot in back of the church. We just park on the lawn or wherever.The house across the street from the church.

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