Sunday, March 8, 2009

News from the Sunshine Mission

Sister Holdstock got a new mattress today!!! Yeah! She has been sleeping on a twin bed that had a spring sticking up in the middle at both the head and foot of the bed. She would cling to one side and then when she rolled over, she would have to cling to the other side to avoid the spring. The President had one at the home that they didn't need and so the Elders had it on the pickup to deliver to anyone who needed a new mattress. We happened to be there at the right time and "chose" it! We also got a nicer swivel chair for our living room. Our old one went to the other senior couple and they were excited. It is just a game of "I'll take yours and you take theirs".
We had an area general authority visit the office this week. It was Elder Burns from the Southeast United States area. He was delightful and told us some wonderful stories about the hurricanes here in Florida. We can hardly wait! Pres sent an e-mail to all of the parents telling them that the hurrican season starts in a couple of months BUT that we were prepared and would make sure their missionaries were safe when they occur. I'm sure that sent a lot of panic into the parent's hearts - it does mine. We have a large plastic tub on our deck, as does all of the missionaries, with a little BBQ grill, charcoal, matches and lighter fluid. We have 4 gallons of water inside our apartment so we should be set (or not).
Having a great time and enjoying the e-mails we get. We crave news from home just as any 19-year old missionary would. Our e-mail address is incase you have forgotten.
We pray for and love all of you.
P.S. My investigator is still taking the lessons but doesn't seem to be catching on very fast to the beautiful message the sisters have for him. We didn't go last week as we felt there had been too many the time before. The sisters had the Relief Society president show up as well as ourselves (5 of us!!). Can you imagine what Vladimir thought when he opened his door? He probably thought the whole church had come to force him into baptism.

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Tasha said...

I just looked at the pictures of your apartment! Oh my! You have to have separate beds?! Or is there something you aren't telling us? :)