Sunday, March 29, 2009

Knock knock.....Who's there?

We have had a very busy week. I have helped with 2 dinners at the Presidents' home for two different stakes and all of their bishops and the wives--one on Wednesday and one on Friday evening. Monday and Saturday evenings we went to Miami to help host a display of the "Reflections of Christ" pictures for 4 hours each evening. A photographer has taken pictures of Christ's life using real "today" people. He displays them in a beautiful way in the cultural hall, with lights off and only the pictures and spotlights on them with soft music playing. It is a very spiritaul display. The missionaries figured we had about 800 people come over the last week. They showed it for 2 hours in the mornings and then 4 hours in the evening.

On Saturday, the ward missionary committee (8 members) and 8 full-time missionaries, including ourselves, went knocking on doors of 4 streets within the ward boundaries for about 1 hour. We got 13 referrals during that time! Tim and I got 1 of them. Our ward has a goal of 44 bapstims this year. The first door we knocked on got slammed in our face. A 35ish may came to the door (11:30 am) and said "Man, you just woke me up. This is not good!!!!!" and shut the door. I think he was having a hangover. The ward will do this same thing once a month for the year. We found that the full-time missionaries did not have as much success as the ward members so they sort of said, "You don't have to come every time. Only if you want to." I think the badges, white shirts and ties scared quite a few off. Needless to say, we are exhausted.

Here is a picture of the iguana that has been hanging around our back door and the view out our bedroom window as the sun came up this week.

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