Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's a bird! It's a cockroach! It's a frog!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up a little after midnight last night to go to the bathroom. We have a night lite on in the bathroom and as I walked in I could see something black on the floor. I thought it might be a cockroach so I turned the light on. It was a baby frog about 1 ½” long. I grabbed a tissue and made about 6 attempts to catch him. But of course, every time I got close, he would hop around. I could tell I needed some help so I called to Tim. It took about 4 calls before he heard me and came in. I showed him the frog and he said, “What do you want me to do about it?” Duh. Catch it!!!!!! I took a bath towel and held it so the bottom edge touched the floor, creating a barrier for it to escape out the bathroom door. (I ran to get the camera for a picture here). Tim got the broom and took a couple swipes at it but kept missing it. On the 3rd try he stunned it so I picked it up with the tissue and threw it into the toilet and flushed it.
Well, that woke the frog up and he jumped out of the water onto the inside of the bowl near the rim. (This is not a good thing for a 60 yr old who needs to use the bathroom.) Now to figure out how to catch him inside the toilet. I was not about to attempt using the toilet with him still in there. Tim just stood there while I tried to figure out what I could do to catch him. I got a paper cup and tried to knock him into the water. Every time I would knock him down, he would hop back up before I could get the cup into the water. He was so high up I had to almost stick my head inside the bowl to see where he was. After several attempts I finally caught him in the water with the cup. I hurried and put something over the cup to keep him inside and went out to our screened-in patio to throw him out. Trying to hold the cup without spilling it, unlocking and sliding the sliding glass door and then getting out the locked screen door was quite a feat. It had been raining all day and night and I was standing in about 1” of water in my garments on our patio at midnight.
I came back inside and took one step and noticed something black near the back of our swivel chair in the living room. I was sure it was a mouse so I yelled at Tim again. He was not happy with me. When he lifted the chair, we found out it was the black leg of the chair. Then he was really upset with me. I finally made it to the bathroom, and none too soon.
I got back to bed about 12:30 am and lay there for over an hour, sometimes chuckling at the funny experience we had just had. Some day it may be funny to Tim also.


HappyHoldstocks said...

You two make a great pair. Glad you could catch it!

HappyHoldstocks said...

While reading your experience, I could only see a scene from I Love Lucy with Fred and Mertyl trying to catch the frog.