Friday, March 13, 2009

Janet hit the big 60!!!

Bro and Sis Dalling decorated the office for my birthday and had 60's music playing when we walked into the office on my 60th birthday. The music made me want to dance and Tim nor Sis Dalling like to dance but Elder Dalling and I do so we did the "arms length" dance long enough to get a picture. She also made me a delicious cake.

Thanks to all of you who sent cards and e-mails. I got about 8 from people at the district who I used to work with. I was very touched that they would take the time to remember my birthday.

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Holdstocks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM US!!!.. I know it is late and I apologize. Josh tried calling you guys and got your voicemail. He left a message and we thought you would call us back. When we do remember to call you we realize that it is 11:00pm your time. Sorry again. We love you both and pray for you always.