Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just because we love you!!!!

We have a few fun missionary stories to tell you about our missionaries. Two weeks ago one of our fun missionaries met a gentleman on the street. The man read their tags and said “Oh the Church of Jesus Christ. Well that makes a lot of sense since it is all about him. It’s those Mormons that I can’t stand’. The Elder invited him to church that Sunday and he accepted. As they were sitting in sacrament meeting, the Elder took his scriptures out to look something up. When he sat them on the bench, the man looked down and saw “The Book of Mormon” written on it. He looked at the Elder who was just grinning from ear to ear. He has gone to church twice now and loves it. He will probably be baptized.
Another set of elders were getting the oil changed in their car and said they would give their car to the sisters and take theirs to have the oil changed also. While waiting for the car, they decided to walk down the street a little ways and get something to eat. While walking, they ran into a man they had taught a few lessons to several weeks ago and then lost track of him. They didn’t have a phone number or address and thought he was gone for good but there he was, right in front of them. He pretty much told them that he wanted to be baptized.
The senior elder who works in the office with us was calling about the repairs on a car just before we entered the mission field. He rang the wrong number so he hung up. In a few minutes a lady called back and said, “Did you just call me?” The elder said, “I’m sorry, it was a wrong number.” She said, “Who are you?” He told her that he was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and that he could send some missionaries to teach her about our religion if she would like. She said she would like that. He was able to baptize her about the middle of January.
Our ward is one of the most diversified wards in the mission. Here are a few of the names. I will never be able to learn them. Fiapito Mano Leali’ie’e, Hazer Ornoria Navarro Saballo, Kerven Manutaufonua Tua’one, Elcio Otavio Zanatta, Moussa Khali Abuali, Carlos Jauregui, James Yusasvage, Manfred Jaramillo, Xiomara Acosta, Christoher Asturrizaga, Raquel Carrasco Alegria, Khrishnodutt Ibaran and Ayodeji Adebusuyi.
We are loving rubbing shoulders with the energetic young missionaries. We experienced our first transfer meeting this week. What a wonderful experience! In 3 weeks we will have Elder Zwick from the Seventies visit our stake conference, take a tour of our mission, inspect some of the missionary’s apartments, etc. We are trying to get our office looking nice for him. Pres Hale said that he likes to see how the missionaries are living when they don’t know anyone will be coming. They remodeled our office this last week and it looks like it could be a room in the temple. Pres Hale is into interior decorating and you can tell. I will put pictures on the blog for you to see.
We love all of you and pray for you every day. Thanks for supporting us on our mission. WE LOVE LETTERS and phone calls. We have been told it is okay for family to call whenever they want so don’t hesitate. We have our cell phone with us at the office. May the Lord bless you as you keep his commandments.

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