Saturday, March 27, 2010

More missionaries moments for us.....

Yesterday was a very interesting day. First thing this morning a man called and asked if we were Mormons. I said we were. He said his friend’s mother had just passed away in Utah and she was a Mormon. He didn’t want to offend his friend by saying something wrong and didn’t know what we believed about death. He asked if I could send him by e-mail a poem or words from a song that might be appropriate to send to this friend. I told him that even though we were sad when someone died, we knew it was not the end because we would see them again. I told him that Daddy said “Today is Mom’s graduation day!” on the day she died. He then had to hurry and hang up because he got another important call.
I started to write the e-mail to him telling him of the Plan of Salvation with the pre-earth life, this life and the next life. I told him that we were spirit children of a loving Heavenly Father who has an individual plan for each of us and that we can live with Him again. I wrote the words to “O My Father” and had part of the words to “I Believe in Christ” when the phone rang again. It was the gentleman again apologizing for hanging up on me and being so abrupt. He said the phone call was one that could have cost him his job had he not answered it. He then said, “I was intrigued by the comment your father made when your mother died. How did you handle that?” I told him that I knew it was a temporary separation from my mother and knew I could see her again. I then said there was probably a grand reunion going on on the other side with those loved ones who had passed on before this lady, including her husband. He was quite complimentary and said, “what a beautiful idea”. I told him I would send him a phamphlet on the Plan of Salvation and a DVD of Families Can Be Together Forever and he said he would like that. I volunteered to have the missionaries deliver them but he said that might be something he would be interested in in the future. I send the e-mail off and within about ½ hour I received another one back from him thanking me over and over for being so kind and helping him understand our view on death. I told him his friend would be impressed that he was aware enough of the O My Father song to send it to her.
In the afternoon I got a package from the Orland Florida mission with 8 demo DVDs of Gladys Knight along with cards that had been filled out by 8 people. Gladys put on 2 firesides in the Orlando area the first part of March and they got 900 referrals form then. Now that is quite the lady when she can hand in that many in 2 days. She and her husband had born their testimonies and told why they had joined the church. She promised them if they would fill out the card she would have some representatives of the church (missionaries) deliver a DVD along with a Book of Mormon and a Restoration DVD. It was fun to send these to the missionaries to deliver. Tim said he thinks Gladys was called on “a mission to spread the gospel with her music” by the First Presidency some time back. I don’t know if she is still officially called but she is doing a great work to try and help still.

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HappyHoldstocks said...

What a sweet experience. Thanks for sharing the truths of the gospel.