Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy birthday to me.........

I turned 61 today! It was a dreary rainy day. Tim remembered the minute he saw me in the morning. About 10:30 Elder Parry came in and told Elder Burrows he needed him to help with the phones. I had been training him on a couple of different programs on the computer. They left the office and went out into the hall. I had needed to use the restroom for a while and thought “Now’s my chance to run to the bathroom.” As I headed down the hall I saw a group of Elders and Sisters near the door to the entrance of the building, huddled up and it looked like I could see fire. They looked up and gasped. I thought it was because they were caught with fire. As one of them backed up I noticed they were holding a cake and trying to light it. I immediately turned around and went back into the office realizing what they were up to. They then came in singing to me with the candles burning. Elder Parry had made it. He was so tickled with himself. He said, “Look Sister Holdstock, it’s a double layer one.” It was orange flavor with chocolate frosting. It really meant a lot to me!
Janet, Sisters Cluff & Ramey, Elders Wardle, Burrows, Holland (AP) and Parry
This is one way to take care of ruining our diet.
Take a good look at this "double layer" cake.

I was also able to talk to Amber, Jeremy and a had a shout out from Josh. Josh was working at Amber’s house while I was talking to her so he yelled it to me. Canyon and Maxwell also sang to me. It was darling!!
We found out for sure today that the Martin’s from Olympia Washington will be entering the MTC on Apr 5 and probably get here about the 25 so we might have a couple of days with them. She will do the referrals and he will most likely do the cars.
We went to McDonald’s for dinner and had a salad. Tim is so conscious about our diet now that he sat there after he ate the salad and said, “I’m still hungry” He took a look at the menu and what he might have to fill him up and then said, “I’m not getting anything else. I will go home and have a little cup of non-fat sherbert.”

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the happyhowards said...

That was fun to see the pictures of your birthday party! I look soooooo forward to seeing both of you in July (reunion). Don't get so skinny that I won't recognize you, please. I really DO need to diet, too, but I just can't seem to get started this time. The cake looks delicous! Did you actually eat that big piece?