Friday, January 22, 2010

Which desk am I at?............

I have been extremely busy the past 2 weeks, thus no posts. The Dallings who man the office as main secretary and automobiles are leaving in 5 weeks and we found out today that there is no one in sight to replace them. The President wanted us to switch positions 2 weeks ago so that I could learn Sister Dalling's secretary spot. I am working at her desk in the morning and at mine in the afternoon. We went in on Martin Luther's birthday on Monday and worked the whole day to help me get caught up with some things. We have put in a couple of 11 hour days on a couple of other days this week. I am so exhausted that I went to bed at 7:00 pm last night and only got up for a couple of pit stops through the night until 6:30 this morning. The sad thing is that I didn't feel any more rested.
The President has in mind to bring one of the other couples who do the Employment Office in to do the main secretary job when we leave. That means I will have to train her as well as anyone who takes over the office secretary job. And then to top it all off, I will have to go back home and find a job and be trained myself. Oh well, I can do my best and hope that will be enough.

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the happyhowards said...

You can DO IT!!!!! Can't believe you'll be home soon. Time flies when you're having fun!!!!!