Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............but beautiful sunsets.....

Florida has some of the most beautiful clouds. Tonight as we walked out of the office we saw this spectacular sunset. Pictures never do it justice but just try to imagine. Unfortunately there was a soccer field with it's lights on right in our way.

Okay, I know what all of you are thinking as I let you know that the temperatures here are going to be 43 degrees for the high in 2 days! (Go ahead and say "Whaaaaaaaa!") It was in the low 50's today and with the chill factor, it is pretty chilly to say the least. We have had a couple of nights that they expected it to freeze. That is cold for Florida. They said they had the coldest Orange Bowl football game in history on Monday night. It is especially chilly when we didn't bring clothes for this kind of temperatures. Tim actually has the furnace running the last few days here at home. We didn't even think they had furnaces here. We learned something new.

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HappyHoldstocks said...

Good reason to snuggle. The boys think the soccer fields in the pictures are the beautiful sight.
They were jealous of such a place when we visited.