Sunday, December 6, 2009

Swimming party in December??????......

This evening we went to President Michaud’s home for a “Finals” swimming party for those going to school. Swimming at Christmas???? It was pot luck and he made steaks with the branch funds.
We arrived at 6 pm because that is when the party started. One brother arrived shortly after we did. There was just the 4 of us until about 6:30 when a couple of other ones arrived. By 7 pm (1 hour late) we had about 12 people there so we started to eat. I took broccoli salad, one brought chips and the others didn’t bring anything. By the time 7:45 came there were about 25 people there but the only other dishes that came were a vegetarian wrap, a small container each of macaroni and cole slaw and one more bag of chips. No one brought dessert. That made about 5 dishes and 25 people. I guess the other 20 thought they would just eat off of whatever anyone else brought. The steaks were huge though and I had plenty to eat. There were only about 5 people who chose to swim. It had been raining all day and the wind was blowing so it was quite nippy. Tim even said he was cold, which is very unusual.

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