Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cruising Fort Lauderdale's "Little Venice"

We went on a 2-hour boat ride with 3 of the senior couples down the inland waterways of Fort Lauderdale. They call it Little Venice because it has so many canals like Italy. People have their homes right on the water's edge and park their huge yachts there. We cruised past their homes and saw a lot of Christmas lights on them. I couldn't believe how huge the homes were. It was extremely cold. Last week it was in the high 80's and this night it was in the 50's with high humidity so it felt like the 40's. I know you are all probably saying "Wah!!!!" I got so cold 1/2 way through that I had to go downstairs where they had it enclosed with glass. You couldnt see as well downstairs as up . By the time the evening was over all but 3 were downstairs with me.

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