Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sailing along.......

This week has been a very busy one. Tim is finishing up some projects for the President and we are getting ready for transfers in 1 1/2 weeks, which is always a busy time for us. I went to the President's home on Thursday and helped prepare a french dip sandwich luncheon for 40 people that were at the mission council meeting. I was exhausted when I returned back to the office about 2 pm.
We received word this week that the Sister and Brother (Gwin and Ed Goodman) investigators that we have been trying to have for dinner with the missionaries has found out she has a brain lesion. They were at church today and she said she isn't worried. She has opted to wait until November to have another MRI and see if anything is growing. It might be that she has had it a long time. We are going over this evening to take them some cake and visit. I have really connected with her. We are hoping they will choose to be baptized soon.
Tina, our 88 year old friend, brought us lasagna on Tuesday night for dinner. It took her 4 hours to fix it and I felt so bad. She has really taken a liking to us. She calls us almost every evening. We have tried calling her but she doesn't answer.
Yesterday we were able to attend the baptism of a Grandpa, Grandma and their grandson and I played the piano. When our ward missionary committee went out knocking doors about a month ago, the Bishop knocked their door. It was the only referral he got that day. The committee teased him about only getting one. He baptized them and was very emotional as he played a huge part in finding them. He keeps reminding us that he was baptized in the same font only 7 years ago. Amazing!
We are being blessed beyond measure. Our money seems to be stretching a long way. Tim says he is astounded at how far it seems to be going.

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