Friday, August 21, 2009

Little teaching moments.........

We stayed until about 6:15 tonight. About 6:00 the APs came and were standing talking to me when someone knocked on the door. It was a black lady, about 35 years old, who wanted a couple of Bibles to take to Jamaica with her next week. Elder Isom got her 2 and she asked if that was all he could spare so he got her another one. I told her she could have some B of M also and she said she had one but would like some to take with her also. She also requested some pamphlets. I asked her if she knew anything about our church and the B of M. She said something about that guy who started it all (Joseph Smith). I said “do you know where the B of M comes from?” She said “I think that guy had a vision.” I asked the missionaries to tell her the story of Joseph Smith and I told her how the B of M and Bible go hand in hand. I then told her that we have a prophet on the earth today like they did in Biblical times and she said, “I believe we have prophets all over the earth today. Some of them are scared to tell us who they are but I believe they are there.” I then asked her if she would like some missionaries like these young men to teach her about our church and she said “Yes.” I had her fill out a referral card and put it on the computer. She is in the Fort Lauderdale Ward boundaries so maybe I will see her at church. Her name is Dawn. I told her we had missionaries in Jamaica also and would she like me to send some to her relatives. She asked if I had their number and I told her I would have to put it into the computer and it would be sent to Jamaica. She said she would get their address and call me with it. The Elders told me afterwards “Sister Holdstock, you are a good missionary.” It made me feel brave with the 3 of them standing there to back me up though.
A few minutes later Elders Isom, Olsen and Stewart went into their office and shut the door. I could hear them singing a hymn. One of them could not carry a tune, but nonetheless, they sang. I think they were planning the zone conferences for next week and having a prayer and devotional before starting. It touched my heart. I love to see them being so spiritual in their duties when no one else is listening.

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