Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am doing my best to keep Tim busy. He is getting really good at it.We took our P-Day yesterday to drive the coast down to Miami and see the sights. We stayed in our car most of the time and just looked. The coast was beautiful and huge hotels and resorts all along the way. We also saw Little Havana which is a section of Miami where the people are very poor and it looks like Mexico. All of the store signs are in Spanish and Spanish music coming out of them.
We also went out to Key Biscayne but wasn’t impressed. Just as we were walking up to go see the Lighthouse, the forest ranger put the “Closed” sign out and locked the gate. Just our luck. So we walked on a little path to the water’s edge and I stuck my foot in to see how cold it was. My pant legs got wet and sandy and the sand was very very hot – it burned my feet if I took my sandles off. So the rest of the way home, the sand scratched my legs. There wasn’t much else to see on the island.We took this picture of Tim in a banyon tree along the way. I am fascinated with these trees.
There is an outbreak of “swine flu” in Mexico and some confirmed cases in the US. A teenager in Hallandale just died this morning from it. It is about 20 miles from us. We went through that town yesterday on our little ride. Some of the members of our ward live in that town. They have closed some of the schools near Hallandale down to scrub them down. We were told in church to not shake hands anymore, get our food storage in order as we may have stores close as well as trucking firms stop delivering if it gets bad here in the US.

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the happyhowards said...

We enjoyed hearing about your little ride yesterday! Stay away from the flu bug, ya'all hear! What is the white band around Tim's arm?