Thursday, May 7, 2009

Floods and baptisms!!!!!

We got flooded in our bathroom, hallway, washer/dryer closet and part way into our living room and bedroom 2 days ago. The apartment upstairs above us had a leak somewhere. They are terrible about getting it taken care of properly. They tore the carpet back, removed the wet padding and then put the wet carpet back for a day for us to walk on. Then the next day they came back, put in new padding and layed the wet carpet back on it! When we got home at lunch today, it smelled like a garbage can so we complained. When we got home from the office tonight they had been here and have a big fan going now. They should have done that 2 days ago. Mold grows very easily here.
The ward we are in is on fire with missionary work. We have 7 missionaries besides ourselves in the Fort Lauderdale ward. 2 are Creole missionaries (Haitian); 2 are the Assistants to the Mission President, 3 are zone leaders. They are now teaching 31 investigators. Friday night our Bishop who is black and awesome, goes to the church and greets any investigators the missionaries brings by and takes them on a tour of the church and welcomes them. (He has only been a member for 7 years himself).Our zone leaders have run across a recently retired minister of another church and he and his wife are taking the discussions and are very excited. They have even asked the missionaries to come and "preach a sermon" at their church. The president said that is "fantastic....GO!!!!" The minister has a huge influence on the congregation. He also has 11 children of his own, all of which have about 7 kids each so he has a huge family of his own, who would follow his lead. They all live in the Fort Lauderdale. So you can see why we are excited. Wouldn't that be neat to baptize a whole congretation. We heard that it happened recently in Alabama!!!

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