Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Territory

We have been asked to attend the Ft. Lauderdale Ward. We met Amber's friend as soon as we walked into the chapel. It is a small lworld.

We have one of the most diversified wards around. The high councilman spoke to us in the hall and said "You are in for an experience. This ward is a zoo." We have a lot of young couples who are going to NOVA - I guess a university where future dentists and psychologists go. The noise was about the level of Amber and Everett's ward. Lots of little kids and it starts at 11:40 a.m. so they are all hungry and tired.

A couple we sat next to is from Murray, Utah. They had identical twin girls about 18 months old who really gave them a run for their money. The couple had brought their neighbor and her teenage son and daughter for their first time at church. I'm not sure how much they listened because they were playing with the little girls. They were darling! Just as the meeting started, the mom pulled out a great big tupperware bowlful of macaroni and cheese and began feeding the girls. She would put some in one of their mouths and the next would be waiting for her biteful. They ate for about the 1st 1/2 hour and then started pulling out toys, including a slinky that she showed them how to use. I looked over and the teenage boy had 2 juggling balls he was throwing into the air and catching. After a while, the little twins got cranky so mom pulled out a bag of popcorn for each of them. The teenagers ate right along with them. I would rather have her at church feeding her kids though than not coming to church at all. They have only been on this schedule for 3 weeks so I am sure they are getting used to it. I heard from the Elders tonight that the teenages had a positive experience and want to have the missionaries continue going to their home. I think they have met with them once.

Pres and Sister Hale had us over for dinner tonight as well as the new AP and his companion. She does a really cool thing. She has a tablecloth underneath the regular one that is like a sheet on the top of the table and then quilt-like fabric where it hangs over the edge. She has all of the missionaries who eat at their home sign the sheet with markers at the place they are sitting at. They usually have them eat there when they enter and mission and then again when they go home. She said she would bring it to our missionary reunions so we could see it.

Pres Hale told us that he develops condos in Kauai and his goal was for all of the couple missionaries to meet he and Sister Hale in 2011 when they are released and spend time together at their condos with each other. He told us to start saving our money for the airfare. Sounds like a plan to me!!