Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The MTC is now home

We made it to the MTC Monday just 2 hours before the big snowstorm hit. Because they are overcrowded there, they sent several of the 35 couples to the Super 8 Motel to stay. They were also overbooked there so they upgraded us to a "Theme Room" with a Jacuzzi. It looks like a log cabin inside with pine trees and a pine tree bed, etc. I know you are really feeling sorry for us but trust us, it is okay.
Our days are filled from 8 a.m. until 4:15 pm and then we are finished for the day. I am learning that I need to learn more.
Tim is so funny sometimes. Yesterday we had a couple pretend to be missionaries and give us a discussion. Tim introduced us as Bro Art and Sister Handi Craft. We don't think they understood the humor in it because after asking me if I did handicrafts, they went right into the discussion. The Elder gave a prayer and said, "Please bless Bro and Sis Handicraft that they will ......" It was more than we could do to keep from laughing outloud until the prayer was over and then we let go. I apologized and they continued. During the lesson, the Elder said, "Brother Art, what do you think about?" There were no comments made at the end of the lesson.
We now think that they may have finally caught on because everytime they see us they say, "There is Bro and Sister Handicraft!" They told us they couldn't remember our real names. It is fun to have such a fun companion.
We have now met 9 of the missionaries headed to our mission. Six are studying Spanish and 3 are studying the Haitian language. They will arrive in 2 weeks and 6 weeks. We have been eating some of our meals with them. They want to become Tim's friend because he will be the one handing out their money each month.
We are having a great time! We are thankful that we were called to our mission after hearing where others are going and what they will be doing. One couple was told to be thankful for the boa constrictors because they eat the rats in Micronesia, I believe a place in the Fiji Islands. They said the children there like to run their fingers through your hair and it gives you lice. They were getting a whole bunch of shots today.
Please keep praying for us.

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