Sunday, December 28, 2008


You will have to bear with me while I try to figure out how to use this blog. I will get someone to show me how to put more than one picture per day. I'm amazed that I can even do this much now.

For Mother's Day, Brian made us a flag holder to hold the flags that represent the states or countries where we and each of our children and in-law children served their missions. I think this is a pretty impressive sight for one family. When our grandchildren start going on missions, he says that he will add a second layer to it. Mine and Tim's is in the middle and our children's flags are on one side of us and our 3 in-law children on the other side. Between Tim and I and our children we have gone to Florida, Japan, Brazil, England and Spain while our in-law children went to Japan, Tennessee and Venezuela.


Holdstocks said...

When you want to add more then one picture to a your post right abouve the box where your first picture file location is inserted you will see blue word that say ADD ANOTHER PICTURE. Click on that and then you will see another file box show up under your first one. You can does this up to five times on one addition. If you want more then five, add the first five and then click on the add picture icon on you post and then you can do another five. I hope this makes sense. One thing to remember, the last pictures you add become the first ones on your post. But you can move them around on your post by clicking and dragging them where you want on your post.

Holdstocks said...

I forgot to tell you that you can resize your picture to in your post. Click on the and then go to the sides and get the sizing arrow, click and drag to the size you want. Becareful though because on some pictures it will distort the picture and make it look funny.