Wednesday, December 24, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! We have had a very busy December - full of lots of excitement and fun as well as a lot of stress. Along with the usual Christmas, we celebrated (or will celebrate by Jan 3) 9 birthdays between my children (in-law children included)and grandchildren. That was one of the fun things. Our grandson Mitchell will get baptized on Jan 3 (another fun one). We have hosted 3 Christmas parties here (fun and stressful). Both of us ended our employment which was stressful. Neither of us are being replaced so we had to get all of our (or the little) knowledge we had, computer files and regular files to other people in our office so that it will be accessible at another time (very stressful). We had to prepare a talk for our farewell and then do food for those visiting us that day (fun and stressful). And THEN we are trying to get ready for our mission. We took our Christmas tree down on the evening of Dec 22 after our last Christmas party here so we could get ready for our farewell day so here it is Christmas Eve and it seems like Christmas was over last week. WE'RE EXHAUSTED!!!!!!! We have to give a huge thank you to our kids who have helped us through all of this.

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