Tuesday, May 28, 2013


May 26, 2013
     I know you are not supposed to call this a farewell but today was the day for us to talk in church.  It is always good to get this part over.  It is very stressful thinking that you need to say something that will be important to those listening and learn something from.
     We were asked to talk about "Free Agency".  My scripture (Janet) was about how the natural man is an enemy to God unless he yields to the enticings of the spirit and putteth off the natural man.  I wrote the talk about 3 times and wondered what it would turn out to be after so many changes.  I felt good about it even though I read most of it.  Tim told me to leave him some time so I needed to stick to a script.  I took about 11 minutes and Tim took about 14, which was perfect.  He also gave a very good talk.
     After church we hosted a picnic at our home in the backyard.  We had about 41 people come to church and 41 to the picnic.  We were blessed to have Brian, Josh and Amber's family as well as Ellen, our granddaughter from Japan there.  Donna, Corlyss and Becky and their significant others also blessed us with their presence.  Others who came included our nephew, Eric Eberhard, and his family.  My cousin, Darwin Eggli, also attended.  Elder & Sister Dalling from Rexburg, Idaho and Elder Black from Midvale, who we served with in Florida and 4 Elders from that mission, Elders, Parry, McDonald, Hirschi and McLaughlin were also there.  We were also surprised to have Craig Yeaman and his wife.  He went to college with Tim in California.  About 2 years ago they connected up again and he surprised us in coming.  It was certainly appreciated.  And last but not least, was Cathy & Hugh Taylor, our son-in-laws parents, who came to the home to visit.
     It was a very tiring but lovely day.

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