Sunday, May 23, 2010

We're on our way home ....

We traveled a long 2 days (about 1,330 miles) to get to Jeremy and Rebecca's home in McKinney, Texas. It was so good to see them and to meet Foster who was born while we were serving our mission. We played a lot of games and even got to attend church with them. We went to school and had lunch with each of the 3 older boys. Jeremy and Rebecca also took us to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing where they print money. Thanks, Jeremy and Rebecca for a great time!
Grandpa Tim with Davis, Easton and Foster.
Foster and Grandma Janet.
Foster, Grandpa Tim and silly Easton.
Grandma Janet playing games with Easton.
Somehow he always seemed to win.

Saying goodbye at the end of our visit.
Back row: Grandpa Tim, Janet, Foster, Jeremy
Front row: Easton, Cade & Davis
It took us 2 more days to arrive in Wyoming. When we arrived in Laramie there was snow on the ground. The temperature was about 34 degrees but it felt like 18 degrees with the wind chill. I told Tim we had made a huge mistake and that we needed to turn around and go back to Florida

One more day of traveling and we were finally home in Centerville, Utah. I was surprised at how green everything was. I expected a desert. We were welcomed home with signs and balloons "Welcome home Sister Grandma and Elder Grandpa".
Grandma Janet, McKenzie, Grandpa Tim and Canyon

We also got lots of hugs and kisses!!
Sam, Grandpa Tim, Clayton, Grandma Janet. Clayton wasn't sure he was in for all of this hugging business.

Abby and Alex watch as Josh gave Grandma Janet a big hug. He felt good.

We missed the picture of the hug from Brian but Mitchell is willing to hug Grandma Janet.

It took Alex a minute before he wanted to come to Grandma Janet but then I got quite the squeeze. Steff also gave me a good one.

Hugs from Mary too!

Grandpa Tim and Grandma Janet got a really good hug from Abby. They came to visit us in Florida in October so she remembered us.
The good hug from Alexander!
Hugs from Josh and Maxwell! Maxwell wasn't sure he liked what was happening.
Janet holding Autumn for the first time. I couldn't tell if she was happy or wondering who I was and where was her mother!
Sam sorta gave me a hug but was a good sport about it all!
Sam lets Janet hug him.

Grandma and Grandpa brought all of the grandkids a Ft. Lauderdale shirt!
When all of the hugging was over, it was time to unpack! We were home!!!! Our trip home was a total of a little over 2,700 miles and 5 long days.
Thanks to Amber we got all of these precious pictures. Unfortunately she didn't get one of her hugs. Everett came a little later and no picture was taken of him. We were too busy trying to maneuver through boxes to take one.

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