Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our investigator - new convert?

I am so excited! The Spanish sister missionaries called this evening to say that they had been to see the plumber we referred and given him the 1st lesson and have scheduled the 2nd lesson with him on Saturday night and wanted to know if we would like to go. Unfortunately the senior couples are getting together that night for a Valentine dinner at the couple's apartment who live about 20 miles away. Dad said we would go to the next one. He lives about 5 miles away from us. Wouldn't that be wonderful if he ends up getting baptized?????? Siser Fiala, one of the missionaries, is the granddaughter of Bishop Edgley, the Church presiding Bishop. She is the daughter of Mark Edgley, who played basketball with Josh and Jeremy.
I found out today that the missionaries only get $137 a month to live on. That includes food, toiletries, laundry, etc. That is an average of $4.88 a day. It makes me sick to hear that. One of the elders told me that he is often hungry. The members can only have them in their home to feed them now if they have an investigator over also. They are allowed, however, to fix them a meal and give it to them to take back to their apartment or in a sack. It makes us appreciate the little bit of food that we are eating here.
We were told today that our mission is the 2nd priciest mission, second only to New York City. We also found out that the $3,300 they quoted us includes taxes and insurance on our home in Centerville, some prescriptions, life and medical insurance expenses, etc. so we are going to be better off than we thought. It’s the Lord blessing us.

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